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Hi! I am Demi, 30 years old and I am the creator and founder of Whitaker & Bull. I spent two years developing an originally designed candle that displays art 360 degrees. I wanted to create a product that brought daily inspiration to my home. After being an art student I lost my way in the corporate world and wanted to be surrounded by things that I was inspired by.

Whitaker & Bull proudly offers one of a kind products. With the help of our fragrance house in France, who has been in business for over 250 years, we developed original delicious scents that embody the art it's living in. I designed and developed a special candle lid that flips over and pops into the bottom of the candle vessel to become a pedestal for your candle. Our gift boxes, which have hardware to blend in with your home decor, have removable foam so that you can use your gift box as a forever keepsake and an oversized match box! Every candle comes with a complimentary jar of matches inspired by old school perfume bottles. Plus! A % of every sale goes back to the artist.

Customer experience is so important for me, from the moment the customer opens up the drawer box and sees these beautifully designed products to striking the match and lighting the candle; I want you to give them moments of inspiration and spark creativity!

about Whitaker & Bull

Art is beyond a reflection of self. It is the foundation of the groundwork we travel upon when discovering the need to an introspective walk back to ourselves. Art is both the dark entry to the tunnel as well as the light at the end of it. Art is a guide.

Whitaker & Bull knows the entry of the tunnel well.

It knows the struggle to find air when you take that first step back towards reintroducing your soul to the world. We understand art as being your identity – a visual representation of your own valor. The void of the tunnel is a road we all venture down many times in our lives.

As a company we weave together the artistic cooperative through the vehicle of art and object. The experience of a collective journey of self-rediscovery is shaped by form, color, material, and texture to inflamed visions of our deepest sentiments, to make us feel comfortable, welcomed, or at home. Art is a dining table we choose to sit at together and it is also the moment when conversation becomes elevated.

We lost ourselves once too, so don’t worry.

It’s why Whitaker & Bull represents a place that we can call home even when we’re not physically there. Whitaker & Bull is our walk back to ourselves and we hope that it serves to help define your sense of self too.

We support the art of others in every facet of our process.

Through the collaborative nature of our products, we take you on the journey of each artists’ process of self-identity. We saturate ourselves in their visual voyage, spotlighting it from a distance, warmly embracing it as we invite it into our family of products, and release it to the fullest extent of its freedom so it can emblazon each of us to present ourselves fearlessly, through art, whenever need be.


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